Tracie L. Keller, LPCC-S began Keller Counseling and Associates in 2013. Since that time, Keller Counseling and Associates has grown to comprise a number of clinicians who offer a variety of backgrounds, clinical skills, and availability to meet and work with clients from differing backgrounds and with differing needs.  We currently offer mental health counseling from various trained clinical mental health counselors (LPC and LPCC's. Please see "What to Expect in Counseling" for more information regarding these licenses). 


Keller Counseling and Associates operates from the approach that all human beings innately know what is best for them--however, sometimes we get a little lost along the way. We believe that all of our clients are trying to cope in the best way that they can, and with some support and the provision of alternative strategies, can live the lives that they are meant to live.


All providers at Keller Counseling and Associates work hard for their clients to help determine what will help make the greatest impact, which at times means a referral to another resource if more appropriate. We believe that treatment planning is a process that both the therapist and client determine together. We are not the expert on you—allow us to come alongside you as you decide what changes you are looking to make. We believe that the counseling process can work if there is a relationship that is built on trust, confidentiality, and mutual respect.


We look forward to working with you.